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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Water Ozonator: Things to do

Because of health concerns with allergies, our family discovered the healing power of oxygen several years ago. (Now we continue to boost our bodies with extra oxygen as a preventative. Having our own water ozonator has now made oxygen therapy an everyday thing, right in our own home, at a very affordable price.

You too can have the health benefits of freshly ozonated water in your own home, or office, whenever you need it. Bottled ozonated water is not the same as freshly ozonated water. Bottled water is ozonated to sterilize it, but the ozone (extra oxygen molecule) evaporates within 10-20 minutes, even if the bottle is capped. Furthermore, ozonated water stored in plastic bottles will pick up plastic molecules which of course are actually detrimental to your health! Freshly ozonated water, consumed within 10 minutes of making it, will boost your entire immune system, because the extra molecule of oxygen is still in the water, and available for your body to absorb. When you buy bottled water which has been ozonated, it is indeed sterilized to protect you from pathogens, but the ozone has long since evaporated before it reaches the store shelf, so your body does not get the immune system boost. Ozone will kill all the viruses and bacteria as well as removing all organic compounds and other microorganisms in water.

This unit is portable, and you can take it from home to work (or get one for each place). All you need to do is plug it in, put the ozonator ball diffuser into a glass jar of water, and let it run for 2 minutes. Then, enjoy the fresh taste of ozonated water!

You do not need an oxygen tank to use this machine, as it uses corona discharge to generate ozone from the oxygen that is in the air. The life of the machine during normal usage, is at least 100,000 hours. Since it takes only 2 minutes to ozonate your glass of water, this machine will last a long time.

You can also kill harmful pathogens found on fruits and vegetables by placing them in water and running the ozonator through the water for 5 minutes while you brush and clean them. Fruits and vegetables will keep longer and the taste will be enhanced.

-Weighs less than 2 lbs. 10" long.
- Built-in cooling fan.
-Can be wall-mounted.
-Ozone output: less than 0.05ppm, 200mg/hour
- Timer: 0-30 minute selectable
-1 year warranty.
-Rated voltage 100-120 v, or 220-240v, 60 Hz-
-Rated power 20 W

Other uses:
To sterilize and freshen meat & seafood, and sterilize and crisp your fruits/vegetables: Ozonate a bowl of cool water for 5 minutes. Then put your food items into the ozonated water and let sit for 5 minutes. This will remove the "fishy" smell from seafood, and will help legumes last longer. Ozone reacts with organic and inorganic substances, thus neutralizing ethylene and pesticides and enhancing the taste of food.

Soak dishes/cutlery/cups in ozonated water to kill viruses/bacteria to avoid spreading infection.

To sterilize your toothbrush, soak it for 5 minutes in ozonated water. (Remember that leaving your toothbrush stored in the bathroom, it picks up germs from the air, surface, as well as the bacteria in your mouth!)
Soak your dentures in ozonated water.

To kill bacteria in your bath water, and to let your skin (the body's largest organ) absorb extra oxygen, ozonate your bath water for 10 minutes BEFORE you get into the tub.
* Be sure to keep the machine away from the tub to avoid electical danger!
*Do not run the machine while you are in the tub!
*Run the bathroom fan to remove any off-gases! You should not smell a strong ozone smell-if you are, you are running the machine too long--see "Cautions" section at end.

For athlete's foot/nail fungus/ringworm, ozonate a pan of water for 10 minutes in a well-ventilated area. Then put the pan on the floor by a chair, and soak your feet for 20 minutes. Or for ringworm, soak any affected area.

Use ozonated water for a final cleanse to the skin after removing your make-up. For a truly moisturizing beauty treatment, apply ozonated olive oil (sold separately). Apply ozonated oil before bedtime and leave on all night.

To kill bacteria, deodorize and bleach diapers/stinky socks/underwear, etc, run the ozonator through the water in which the clothes are soaking, for 10 minutes. Ozone neutralizes ammonia (removing urine smell). It will also reduce the amount of skin irritation from the clothing.
You can usually reduce the amount of detergent you use to wash the clothes afterwards.
* Be sure to keep the machine on a dry surface, away from wet surfaces, to avoid electical danger!

Spray your bedding with ozonated water to sanitize it in the morning.

To kill harmful bacteria/algae in a fish tank (no need to remove the fish). Add 1 cup of ozonated water for every 10 gallons of water in the tank. Mix the ozonated water throughout the tank.

Water them with ozonated water to supply extra oxygen, and to kill fungus/mold. They will require less fertilizer.

Eliminate odors, pet scents, molds and mildew from problem areas. Place the machine in the area to be treated and run it for up to 30 minutes. STAY OUT OF THE AREA FOR AN HOUR OR MORE DURING THE TREATMENT PERIOD. See "Cautions" section at end.

Ozone findings:
*Research staff of Medical College of Washington University in the United States discovered that ozone could restrain the growth of cancer cells
*More than 200 US drinking water plants use ozone to treat the water.
*Japan Company testified that ozone is the best vegetable disinfectant. Ozone is used to sterilize the jars before baby food is put in them. The FDA approved ozone in 2001 to kill food borne pathogens by applying it directly to food.
3.China Medical Academy of Science testified that ozone could get rid of gonococcus and decomposes heavy metals in the water.
4. Ozone oxides poisonous materials rapidly; sterilization ability is 600--3000 times stronger than Chlorine. Ozone kills E-coli 3125 times faster than chlorine. Some swimming pools/spas use ozone because it is a strong disinfectant, but converts back into oxygen so does not have the harmful effects like chlorine (which was used as a nerve gas in WWII.)
5. Some washing machine manufacturers are planning to add an ozone generating mechanism to their machines, to increase the dirt, odor, and bacteria removal from laundry.


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At 8:45 PM, Blogger veda said...

I wish to ozonate Raw milk is there any detrimental effct to the milk content


At 11:22 AM, Blogger Stretch said...

To be honest, I'm surprised at your liking to the ozonated water taste, in my experience I have only heard complaints about over-ozonated water taste.

Furthermore, I'd be curious to know what concentration of ozone you are getting from this process for a few reasons. First, two minutes of use for a glass will typically not maintain the ozone put into it at room temperature for more than 10 minutes or so unless you're putting in high concentrations. However, high concentrations will lead to numerous byproduct risks in your water (bromate) that can be harmful.

Lastly, different locations will give different sources of water, and not all taps are the same meaning that some people could be at a higher risk of these byproducts than others without even knowing it.

Just thought you should know :)


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