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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ozone protects against superbugs

A nursing home in Suffolk is using a new natural oxygen-based disinfectant to counter the threat of superbugs.

Foxearth Nursing Home, near Woodbridge, has established new laundry systems using ozone - a natural disinfectant.

It is said by hygiene and microbiology experts to be very effective against C Difficile and MRSA infections.

James Cantrell, home manager, said the new system gives them a great deal of confidence and it uses natural and freely available materials like oxygen.

"The new system uses ozone which is well known as a powerful disinfectant.

"Oxygen is pulled in from the surrounding air and is turned into ozone which is then put into the water in the washing machines.

"The result is that everything being laundered becomes sterile so residents are more protected from infections."



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